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Wireless Modbus Communication & Power Meter Solution


R9120-5 ModHopper • Bi-Directional 3-Phase Meter • Wide Range Power Supply • External Antenna • NEMA 4X Enclosure

Additional Information

Obvius Integrated Data Acquisition Solutions (IDAS) are designed to simplify the installation process, address scalability challenges, and reduce logistical headaches. The IDAS- MH-V1 Panel features the Obvius R9120-5 ModHopper, Veris E51C2 Bi-Directional 3 phase power meter, wide range power supply, and external antenna. The MH-V1 panel was designed for wireless, revenue-grade, 3 phase metering. Perfect for retrofit, or outdoor metering projects, ModHopper transceivers eliminate the need for costly wiring runs allowing users to capture wireless meter data in the most challenging applications.

Hardware Features

  • Modbus RTU input & output
  • 2 pulse inputs
  • Bi-directional power meter
  • NEMA 4X Weather Proof Enclosure
  • Wide-range 100-277VDC power supply