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A8810 AcquiSuite EMB • OpenEGrid Gateway• Bi-Directional 3-Phase Meter • 4G Cellular Modem • RS485 Surge Suppressor • Wide Range Power Supply • NEMA 4X Enclosure

Additional Information

The Obvius PV Advance CA Rule 21 pairs the industry standard flexibility and functionality of the A8810 AcquiSuite with the IEEE2030.5/CSIP Certified OpenEGrid OMS SU Gateway for California Rule 21 Compliance. The panel also includes a full data set bi-directional revenue grade meter, and ruggedized cellular modem for a complete, powerful, and flexible solution for seamless communication with any IEEE2030.5 compliant DERM or Utility Server. In addition, this open platform easily collects complex site data and uploads it to multiple locations simultaneously. This feature empowers site owners to maintain control over their investment and react to the constantly changing market.

Hardware Features