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Multi Circuit Metering with Data Acquisition


AcquiSuite A8810 • AcquiSuite Ally 48 • Dual 3 Phase Voltage Disconnects • NEMA 4X Enclosure

Additional Information

The IDAS- A8810-ALLY-48 Panel features our intelligent A8810 AcquiSuite Data Acquisition Server, Ally 48 Multi-Circuit Meter, fused voltage disconnects, and wide range power supply. Easy to use and drop-in ready, the IDAS-ALLY48-A8810 Panel provides a powerful solution for granular level multi-circuit metering and flexible data acquisition.

Hardware Features

  • AcquiSuite A8810
  • AcquiSuite Ally 48 Multi-Circuit Meter
  • 48x Single-Phase Metering Channels
  • 16x 3-Phase Metering Channels
  • 0.2% ANSI Revenue Grade Accuracy
  • Dual 3-Phase Fused Disconnects
  • Monitor Multiple Voltage References
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet IP
  • NEMA 4X Weather Proof Enclosure