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Building Dashboard Kit


DISCONTINUED. Obvius' Building Dashboard kit turns occupants into active resource managers.

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Energy Monitoring Kit A8810-0-M-LUCID

Transform occupants into active resource managers. The Building Dashboard Kit combines Obvius’ real-time electricity monitoring with Lucid’s Building Dashboard software, making your data engaging and accessible on the web. This turn-key solution utilizes Building Dashboard to engage, educate, motivate and empower building occupants and managers to reduce consumption in their buildings.

Using your Building Dashboard you can:

  • Compare usage by hour, day or a custom time period, and express consumption in a variety of easy-to-understand units, like dollars and carbon emissions.
  • Engage occupants and tenants and motivate them to conserve electricity through competitions, budgets and social commitments.
  • Earn credits toward USGBC LEED certification.
  • Promote sustainability initiatives across your community.

The Building Dashboard Kit makes it easy for companies, universities, building owners, civic governments and other organizations to reduce utility costs and environmental impact through improved management and building occupant engagement.

The Dashboard Kit was developed following extensive experience with customers who are successfully monitoring electricity and displaying it on Building Dashboard. The Kit has been standardized to provide a low-cost, entry-level solution that can be installed easily and will work with nearly all existing electrical services.

What the Building Dashboard Starter Kit Includes

Each Starter Package includes a customized Building Dashboard for the web with a standard set of features. A broad library of additional features are available to purchase through Lucid.

The Kit includes:

  • A customized organization page with organizations logo.
  • Individual building pages with total building electricity monitoring.
  • Real-time trended resource graphs with animated unit-equivalent gauges for carbon dioxide and dollars.
  • Add dynamic layers to graphs with predictive usage and outdoor air temperature.
  • The Homepage Application with Green Tips, Comparison, and Weather widgets.
  • Comparison application with robust functionality allowing comparing trended energy usage information on custom time periods.

To see a live demo of the Building Dashboard Starter Kit click here to see energy use in our office!