System Integrators

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Cardno TEC

Cardno TEC is an Architectural, Engineering and Environmental Division of Cardno International. Cardno TEC specializes in Asset Management, Environmental Management, and Infrastructure Management. This includes, but is not limited to: Advanced Metering, Facility Assessments and Engineering, LEED Certification Consulting, Architecture/Engineering Design, Planning Services, Strategic Business Planning, Planning/Site Services, Utilities Investigations, Environmental Compliance, Remediation/Waste Management, Water Resources, Energy Resources, Environmental Planning, Sustainability Planning, and Port Planning. Cardno TEC has 380 multi-disciplinary staff, 15 corporate offices and 13 auxiliary offices throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

Cardno TEC has the capability to furnish all project management, engineering, labor, materials and equipment to design, install, test and place into service Advanced, Sub and Net Metering and Obvius Systems.

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Mad Dash

Mad Dash offers premier project management and installation services for today's demanding utility and metering connections. Our expertise is assisting companies with Metering, Monitoring, Demand Response installations, and Gathering Energy Information on a national level. We understand the complexity involved with integrating these systems into existing operations and have developed turnkey process's that provides project preparation, hands-on technical analysis and recommendations, complete installation. Since 1996 Mad Dash has installed thousands of Interval Data recorders, many of which have been Obvius product. The combined experience of Mad Dash and Obvius product makes for a successful installation every time!

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Mid Atlantic Power Partners

Mid Atlantic Power Partners / Energy Initiatives specializes in cost energy reduction with the use of lighting controls, design, and energy use monitoring. Our lighting solutions utilize the latest technologies in lighting & controls. Our window systems utilize a variety of sun control products including window and safety film. With our energy monitoring systems, implementing the line of Obvius products, business' can participate in load curtailment programs, conduct cost allocation, and implement accountability metering.

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Powertronic, Inc.

Since 1995 Powertronic, Inc. has been a valued partner to major electrical manufacturers, metering manufacturers, utilities and commercial clients, providing technical and integration services of electrical metering and communications equipment. Powertronic works closely with some of the industry’s most popular and user friendly products including Obvius, Schneider Electric Powerlogic and ION Metering products, GE Multilin and Quadlogic Corporation. Our background working closely with the largest electrical manufacturers has given us significant experience integrating these metering projects into electrical distribution equipment in diverse applications, including malls, airports, water companies, office complexes and more. Powertronic can supply the equipment, build and install enclosures and troubleshoot an existing installation. Recent projects have included successfully retrofitting and integrating Obvius products into large retail facilities, providing the installation, troubleshooting, setup and programming of the metering, communication equipment, data acquisition devices and network connectivity. Powertronic’s close associations throughout the electrical industry have placed us in a position of special trust and confidence with many companies. Every day we are ready to build on that reputation.

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QMC Metering Solutions

Since 1994, QMC Metering Solutions has provided advanced submetering systems to commercial, institutional and residential properties across Canada. This includes the supply and integration of electrical, water, gas, thermal and steam meters; the design and supply of metering communications infrastructure; and the provision of web-based reporting software or billing services. QMC also provides all meter related services, such as Measurement Canada testing, site verifications, existing meter integration, etc. QMC began using the Obvius product line in 2010, as a pulse data collector for main utility meters. We now use the Obvius’s Modbus and BACnet capabilities as the backbone of our advanced metering systems for Intelligent buildings.

Contact QMC at 604.526.5155 or email at