A8820 Acquisuite

A8820 Acquisuite: The Platinum Standard in Data Acquisition

The Obvius A8820 Acquisuite is an intelligent, flexible data acquisition server (DAS) that collects energy data from meters and environmental sensors. Designed to connect to IP-based applications such as enterprise energy management, demand response, and smart grid programs, the A8820 allows users to connect thousands of energy points, benchmark energy usage, and reduce energy costs.

Expanding on the success of its gold standard offering in Data Acquisition Solutions, the A8820 offers significant enhancements to its user interface, processing power and speed, on board memory, and expanded hardware features all in a compact, DIN rail form factor.

  • Improved User Interface—features a five-button menu at the display level
  • Flexible Processing Power and Speed—offers more flexibility for applications development and local data storage
  • Expanded Hardware Features—delivers expanded capacity for downstream devices and networking functionality


  • Compact DIN rail footprint
  • Expanded local memory
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Modbus & BACnet protocols
  • Expanded hardware features
    • Two isolated Ethernet ports
    • Two RS-485 serial ports


  • Open protocol web server—no additional software required
  • Expanded local memory for data storage
  • Expanded memory for custom programming solutions
  • Expanded downstream capacity for meters & sensor devices
  • Broad library of industry standard devices
  • Flexible template capability
  • Available in UL508 bundled solutions


  • Renewable energy asset management
  • Demand response
  • Energy management/meter data collection
  • Branch circuit monitoring
  • Environmental sensor data collection

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